The Pope's Top 12 Tweets of 2017

(One from each month)

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In case you're not a regular follower of Pope Francis on Twitter (or in case you missed a few of his tweets), we wanted to make sure you see these messages of faith, hope, and love. One from each month of 2017.

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TonyRI - Jan 18, 2018

Before the resurgence of adequate catechesis during the 2nd half of the pontificate of St. John Paul II, many Catholics stumbled thru life not having been taught an authentic Catholic praxis regarding marriage, sexuality, and family life. At least 2 generations were affected. In Familiaris Consortio, JPII suggested that some people simply have not grown up with adequate formed consciences to follow the Church's precepts. The Catechism(CCC)has reaffirmed Catholic moral teaching that, until an erroneous conscience is corrected, it must be obeyed as the voice of God. This is what Francis was referring to when he stated that for certain persons, the divorce and remarriage may not be an impediment to the reception of the sacraments. He suggested pastors "accompany" these people to gradually form their consciences, so they might return to the sacraments more quickly. Pope Francis has merely picked up where JPII left off. Subsidiarity demands that these matters return to the immediate internal forum of confession, just where Francis has been putting it. I love all the cardinals, even the ones with erroneous consciences on both sides of the issue. Peace to all.

Marie - Jan 4, 2018

I believe the Holy Father did endeavour to make it easier for some married/divorced catholics to get annulments because there are some poor souls living in places like South America where they don’t have easy access for annulment tribunals etc; often these women were subject to gunshot weddings at aged 12 & the pope in his goodness has reached out to help so that they can come back to the sacraments of the church. I believe the laws haven’t changed for the rest of us & this he has said to those cardinals who are arguing that he has caused confusion.

julie - Jan 2, 2018

Happy New Year Pope Francis. May the Holy Spirit continue to Bless you day after day. You are a great leader in the Catholic Church. May Blessed Mary and the grace of God see you through your journey.
My prayers are with you.

Joe - Jan 1, 2018

By virtue of his role, the Pope receives special graces from the Holy Spirit to guide all the church. He is the head of the church, mot us or even the cardenals. Let's stop second guessing him and instead pray to God to continue blessing him as he carries his enormous responsibilities.

G - Jan 1, 2018

When Pope Francis was first elected I had a certainty in my spirit that this man would be one of the greatest Popes ever - and I have seen nothing coming from this man that would change my mind - indeed I have seen all the traits of a true Christian in his actions and in his words and I am convinced that what he does privately is even more than what we have seen and heard. I thank God for this Holy man!

Lumenata - Jan 1, 2018

Patsy -- he has deliberately refused to clarify his writings and confirm his stance to be in union with the magisterium of the Catholic Church. He admonishes, humiliates and sometimes eliminates those from their positions who oppose him. The public Pope appears to be much different from the private Pope.

Debbie - Jan 1, 2018

Prayers for Pope Francis and Benedict XVI. For their health and safety. They carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. May the MOTHER OF GOD support and strengthen them.

Patsy - Jan 1, 2018

In what way has Pope Francis "gone astray"? Has he reminded us to love our neighbors as ourselves? Has he encouraged us to submerge ourselves in God's mercy? Has he broadened the spectrum of social ills that we must fight? Has he offered us hope?

Has he disagreed with our president? Ah yes, that may be what you're thinking.

Hildegarde - Dec 31, 2017

We have a Jesuit Pope who has gone astray.
Dubia: Has he answered the many asked by the cardinalsSIMSNCS 9500?