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The Sparks of God's Mercy

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By Malou Pimental

I am a Filipino by birth, married to a Dutchman, and full-time mother to two young men. My family lives 30 minutes from Amsterdam in the northwest province of the Netherlands. My deceased parents introduced me to the Merciful Lord, a spiritual legacy for which I am forever thankful. I started to spread the devotion to the Divine Mercy six years ago here in the Netherlands.

On Jan. 1, 2014, my mother-in-law, Johanna Heek, died at 93. My family and I feel very blessed that we were able to experience a clear sign of His mercy related to her death.

Johanna was a strong and gentle lady. She said that her family was baptized Catholic but never practiced. She was recently diagnosed with liver cancer and had surgery. She told her daughter and my husband, Rudolf, that she would like to recover in her own home. Unfortunately, the last months were too difficult to grant her wish as her pain increased each day. Before Christmas, we convinced her to enter hospice. Months before she had told my sister-in-law that she wanted to be euthanasized. It was a mother-daughter pact that I found about the week after Christmas, when her pains were quite unbearable.

When I found out, I prayed fervently to the Divine Mercy "to let her sleep quietly with no recourse to euthanasia." My sister-in-law told my husband in front of me that "Oma" (her nickname) had asked that no sort of prayer rituals be done on her.

I was shocked, but I kept my peace and respect. I silently asked the Lord of mercy to abide with us. I knew that the sparks of mercy would keep glittering in the darkest corners.

My husband told me to keep doing whatever I wanted to do. So every time I had a chance to be alone with Oma, I blessed her with a sign of the cross on her forehead, and silently prayed the chaplet and Rosary.

Four days before her death, the family doctor was called so that the request for euthanasia would be executed as soon as possible. Dutch laws allow it as long as the medical standard procedures are strictly followed. The family doctor would not administer the lethal drugs. A euthanasia doctor would perform it after asking for consent from the patient.

When the family doctor asked Oma for permission for euthanasia, she answered yes. With this answer, her life would end by an infusion in two days. My prayers tripled. When I learned that we would be all present on that day, I told Rudolf that I would not be there to witness her death by injection.

The countdown to that day was nerve-racking for me. On New Year's Eve, we gathered outside her room and waited for the doctor. When I saw the doctor, I prayed harder to Jesus, saying, "Please, Lord, let it not be. Let her just sleep peacefully. Take her in Your time!"

Before the euthanasia doctor began the procedure, he asked Oma again to answer his questions. In spite of her pain, she was still in a state of full mental awareness.

The doctor asked:

"Mrs. Heek, do you approve of doing the euthanasia to you?" Silence. No answer.

"Mrs. Heek, I repeat, do you approve of doing the euthanasia to you?" Silence.

"Mrs. Heek, I want you to say your answer. I see your head is moving with disapproval.

"For the third time, I will ask you, Mrs. Heek, do you approve of doing euthanasia to you?" Total silence.

"I see your head moving in disagreement. Does this mean that you will not have euthanasia? I will not do the euthanasia until I hear you say yes. I will inform your family. I will come back when you are ready. Okay?"

Rudolf and I looked at each other with so much amazement. Rudolf's teary eyes met mine, for he knew what this meant to me. My sister-in-law's face went fiery red, for she was furious at what transpired. She was so intent on fulfilling her mother's wishes.

The moment the doctor left, my sister-in-law went to her sobbing mother and asked, "Why? Why didn't you answer him yes? That's what you want — euthanasia, right? Oma broke down and said, "Yes, I want it. I do not know why I could not answer him." I knew the rays of God's mercy had flooded her soul.

Before we went home, I blessed her again with the holy water I had with me and placed a cross on her forehead. I kissed her good night.

New Year's Eve became a spiritual moment for us. We immersed ourselves silently in the flood of God's graces at this unexpected turn of events. Jesus, I trust in You!

The next day was Jan. 1. I suggested that Rudolf spend more time with Oma. He agreed and off he went to the hospice. At around 2:30 p.m., Rudolf called up to say that Oma had died peacefully. I smiled in my heart, and tears streamed down my face. I had been praying the chaplet. My sister-in-law, who had been so angry yesterday, thanked me for the spiritual support I had extended. I realized that she experienced gratitude for something that was between me, her mom, and Jesus. I said, "I am only a vessel of God's grace!"

Suffering in our lives is so difficult and a great mystery. Saint Faustina wrote, "Suffering is the greatest treasure on earth; it purifies the soul. In suffering, we learn who our true friend is" (Diary, 342).

I realize in a deeper way that God triumphs and His sparks shine even in the darkest corners of a soul's being. Amen!

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Joseph Katabaazi - Oct 16, 2014

Thank you for your mercy O Lord!!! Help us to Love you more by loving the life you gave us!!!

Belle Tsurukawa - Oct 15, 2014

The Almighty Father could have saved us from all sufferings, but He did not do so because He knows in His infinite goodness that suffering is good for us for it purifies our soul.

M Fonseca - Oct 15, 2014

Glory to God's Divine Mercy ... such a heartwarming account of HIS mercy - thank you for sharing and reminding us that we should never cease to pray ... for all in whatever circumstance!

Beth C. Jaque - Oct 15, 2014

Oh, Malou... I was so overwhelmed... such faith... please pray for me and for our family so I can bring them nearer to the Lord... love you Friend <3

Maristella - Oct 15, 2014

God is good ... His mercy is infinite and everlasting ..

dadad - Oct 15, 2014

such a wonderful story. what even make it more wonderful is that it really happened. a real miracle where you were made an instrument of God's saving grace. your Oma can rest in peace and the rest of the family can now live in peace for hoping and taking on the right humane choice.

john - Oct 15, 2014

wonderful story...please pray for mother inlaw she is very very ill...and is very frightened...with litle faith...thankyou

Malou Pimentel - Oct 15, 2014

Dear brothers and sisters, we continue to glorify the Lord of Mercy in our lives. Thank you too for finding inspiration in this testimony thus deepening our trust in the Merciful Jesus whom we deeply need in this troubled times. Let us continue to pray for each other. Let us grab moments and chances to spread the Mercy of the Lord. For we are all called to be mercy missionaries where ever we are ! My warm greetings to you all ! Jesus, we trust in You !

Kgomotso P. Seob - Oct 15, 2014

I wish I could be able to pray the chaplet and the rosary for my grandma who is suffering from cancer. She is now at the hospice.

Frida - Oct 14, 2014

Beautiful and real story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

lilet - Oct 14, 2014

God is merciful. everything is possible in GOD..Divine mercy is a powerful prayer. Pray the divine rosary every 3:00 A.M. and god's mercy grant all your wishes and blessings....

RoseM - Oct 14, 2014

Very touching ang inspiring story of the love and mercy of God. Malou has such great faith and trust in Jesus, the Divine Mercy!

CRISPOPOLA - Oct 14, 2014

A very interesting accoun, Mrs. Malou. God sends us to people and touch their lives, and they, too, on ours. You have such an unmoving faith...perhaps, despite my unceasing prayers for our children to be closer to each other and love one another unconditionally, I would humbly ask your prayers for my children. Thank you, Ms. Malou.

Victoria Rathel - Oct 14, 2014

I would like to be a part of a group to where I can freely enjoy spreading the good news of our Lord. The divine Mercy prayer is a powerful prayer.
Please pray for me and my family..

Aida - Oct 14, 2014

Thank you! I learned something new, I learned that our faith sparks in the heart of those we are praying for. Thank you!

Carmen - Oct 14, 2014

Let us all pray for those who are considering euthanasia