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Michael Wyzykowski and his son, Zachary, are seen aboard their boat “Faustina.” Zachary is holding a St. Faustina prayercard. Michael’s mother credits the saint’s intervention for helping both her son and grandson.

Twice Blessed

Mother Credits St. Faustina For Two Timely Intercessions

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By Kathy Wyzykowski

My family is developing a relationship with St. Faustina, I'm pleased to say. She has now twice interceded for our family.

On Aug. 21, 2008, I was at my daughter-in-law's bedside during the delivery of her second child, who was to be named Zachary. Because Zachary was a big baby, the delivery was difficult. As time passed and I started to worry, I noticed it was almost 3 p.m., the Great Hour of Mercy. I prayed to St. Faustina, asking her to please help this precious child enter the world healthy.

She answered my petition. Zachary was born at 3:35 p.m. He was a healthy boy.

On the second occasion, March 22, 2009, our 30-year-old son, Michael (Zachary's father), was helping get our boat ready for the coming boating season. The boat was dry docked in the boat yard, propped up on cinder blocks. It stood about 15 feet off the ground.

Michael fell off of the top portion of the boat while attempting to fasten a canvas cover. A helicopter flew him to the nearest trauma center for examination and diagnosis of his injuries.

I prayed to St. Faustina again, asking her to please help us in our request to have Michael not sustain serious injuries. After CT scans and other tests, he was told he had a slight fracture of a vertebra, which required no surgery, and a sprained hip.

I have no doubt that St. Faustina had heard my prayers on both occasions and interceded for us. To honor her and in gratitude for a healthy son and grandson, we named our boat "Faustina" so that she may continue to protect our family for years to come.

My husband and I will be eternally grateful to St. Faustina.

Kathy Wyzykowski lives in Trenton, N.J.

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maryS - Aug 24, 2010

My dear friend St. Faustina,please remember me in your prayers.Jesus I Trust in You!

MTS - Aug 18, 2010

St. Faustina please pray that I will get a job soon after being unemployed for 33 months. Please help me in school, please keep my mother 86-year old mother healthy and that her Alzheimer's won't get any worse. Please keep the Divine Mercy forever in my family. St. Faustina please bless me in everything that I do.
Jesus, I trust in you!

joy - Aug 13, 2010

St. Faustina pls pray for me that my X-ray result will be negative, we are financially tight, and buying meds will be an additional burden for my family of six, thank you so much, Jesus I trust in You ! !

I.C. - Aug 10, 2010

St. Maria Faustina of the Blessed Sacrament, the Apostle of Divine Mercy, pray and intercede for us to have the grace to be always witnesses of Divine Mercy and forgiving. JESUS, I trust in YOU.

Elizabeth - Aug 10, 2010

Sister faustina plz pray for my situation also