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Welcome to 2017

You Say You Want a Resolution?

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Have you made your New Year's resolutions list yet? You may be interested to know that St. Faustina made her own list that she recorded in her Diary on Jan. 1, 1937. Take a look at them below in their entirety. Clearly, not all of her resolutions can be applied to our own lives (after all, she was a nun, and she worked with troubled women from the streets). But there are enough items on her list we can draw from to ensure for ourselves a healthy, happy, holy 2017!

1. Strict observance of silence — interior silence.

2. To see the image of God in every sister; all love of neighbor must flow from this motive.

3. To do the will of God faithfully at every moment of my life and to live by this.

4. To give a faithful account of everything to the spiritual director and not to undertake anything of importance without a clear understanding with him. I shall try to clearly lay bare to him the most secret depths of my soul, bearing in mind that I am dealing with God Himself, and that His representative is just a human being, and so I must pray daily that he be given light.

5. During the evening examination of conscience, I am to ask myself the question: What if He were to call me today?

6. Not to look for God far away, but within my own being to abide with Him alone.

7. In sufferings and torments, to take refuge in the tabernacle and to be silent.

8. To join all sufferings, prayers, works and mortifications to the merits of Jesus in order to obtain mercy for the world.

9. To use free moments, however short, for prayers for the dying.

10. There must not be a day in my life when I do not recommend to the Lord the works of our Congregation. Never have regard for what others think of you [for human respect].

Have no familiar relationships with anyone [referring to the troubled girls who were in the care of the Congregation]. Gentle firmness toward the girls, boundless patience; punish them severely but with such punishments as these: prayer and self-sacrifice. The strength that is in the emptying of myself for their sake is for them a [source of] constant remorse and the softening of their obdurate hearts.

12. The presence of God is the basis of all my thoughts, words and deeds.

13. To take advantage of all spiritual help. To always put self-love in its proper place; namely, the last. To perform my spiritual exercises as though I were doing them for the last time in my life, and in like manner to carry out all my duties.

As you begin this New Year, ask St. Faustina for her help. Make 2017 a year when you seek first the Kingdom of God by loving God above all else, and reaching out to your brothers and sisters in need.

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Boub - Jan 26, 2017

This is inspiring and very helpful to some of us who very rarely read hard copies of Catholic publications because we are always on the computers at both work and leisure.

Thanks Marians for the site and the useful information herein!
i came here through a link from http://www.praydivinemercy.com/ where I was saying the Divine Mercy Prayer from. Was glad I was brought here.

O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fountain of Mercy for us, I trust in You!

Maria - Jan 3, 2017

Apologies and correction to the comment above - it is to have said 'Blood and water that gush forth form The Heart of Jesus , as a fount of mercy for us , I trust in Thee' and The Lord promises grace of
conversion , when said with faith and contrition on behalf of others /self in need conversions .

Maria - Jan 3, 2017

' Blood and water that gush forth from The Heart of Jesus , as a fount
of mercy , I trust in Thee ' - this prayer ,when said with and contrition on behalf of a sinner , The Lord promises conversion to same ;
hope to be able to do so often enough in order to help keep peace and mercy towards all .Seen at the site -
'faustina-message .com ' under table of contents , prayers of St.Faustina .
A blessed New year and thank you to all at The Marians .
Hoping may be the catalogue section of Marians can make a nice embroidered banner of this promise that can be attached at the bottom of the Divine Mercy Images, to remind persons about this so that it would be recited with this intent .

Catherine - Jan 1, 2017

God reward and bless all in welcoming this new year, another chapter in journeying to heaven. In this New year, let all people consecrate their entire being to the New Adam Eucharistic Jesus and New Eve Holy Mary. A hundred year Marian celebration is like a rare jewel. Let's pray the rosary more, encourage all people to honor our Lady, and have a clean pure heart.

Cleanliness is godliness particularly in the sacrament of confession.

Confession is heaven. If the good thief entered heaven in asking for Mercy ( we all too should humbly ask seek Gods love and share Gods love ) , then all people can enter heaven in experiencing Divine Mercy

Taking a shower is good. The best shower is cleaning our hearts in confession

C - Dec 31, 2016

Thank you for witness of Divine Mercy a precious gift, a treasure from God to help us with despairing moments.Thank you Saint Faustina
Ps for new year resolution guide to connect to our loves today

Brenda Lee Allor - Dec 31, 2016

Thank you St. Faustian for your wisdom. True peace comes from God, happiness from doing His will.