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Part of the tradition of Divine Mercy Sunday on Eden Hill, Stockbridge, Mass., is that members of the Thirteenth of the Month Club pray the Rosary before Mass. Such camaraderie is just one of the many benefits that club membership conveys.

'When I Need It the Most'

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The following letter was sent by Anita Parker, a member of the Marians' 13th of the Month Club, a group of special friends who help support the work of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception. On the 13th of each month, members pray the Rosary for the intentions of the club. The Marians residing in Fatima, Portugal offer a special Mass on the 13th of the month for members' intentions. All members pledge a monthly gift and receive the club's monthly newsletter published by the Association of Marian Helpers.

Dear Fr. Joseph,

Being a member of the Thirteenth of the Month Club means so much to me. More than anything, I find comfort in having others who pray for me as a member. I can feel the solace these prayers bring to me, and it seems they reach me when I need it the most. I have no doubt Our Lady is seeing to this.

Being in the club also helps me feel closer to God. My relationship to Him is the most important thing in my life, and sometimes when I struggle or fail, I can get down. Being in the club reminds me of what Our Lady keeps telling us in her apparitions, that we are being saved and we have forgiveness.

I also feel that I am somehow helping others by being in the club, because there are probably other members who need my prayers just as much. When we get the monthly prayer intention, I know that in addition to my own personal intentions, I am uniting with all the members of the club in sending powerful prayers in the name of our dear Blessed Mother.

I have the picture of Jesus, The Divine Mercy, hanging in my living room. When I look at it, I feel that God is nearby. It is so beautiful. That and the picture of the Immaculate Conception remind me to say, "Jesus, I trust in You!" throughout the day. It makes me feel like I have a large, extended family.

I love praying the Rosary and also the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy. As my sister lay dying, I'd sit nearby and pray the Rosary and Chaplet all day long. While I was saying them, she was so peaceful. I thought she was sleeping, but she had left to go to God. I am certain that Our Lady was with us in that room.

When I get the newsletter, I look forward to every article. One of my favorite features is when Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, answers questions about the Blessed Mother (Fr. Donald is spiritual director of the Thirteenth of the Month Club). He has so many insights, and I find that they lead me in a good direction in trying to strengthen my relationship with Mary. I enjoy reading about Marian apparitions and "This Month with Mary." These features have the effect of making Our Lady present to me in a way that I have come to love and appreciate.

I thank Fr. Joseph, MIC, for his good work with the Thirteenth of the Month Club in publishing this newsletter. There is so much good that comes from this.

Anita Parker lives in Ohio.

To become a member of the 13th of the Month Club call us at 1-800-671-2020.

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Terry - May 7, 2013

I pray the Divine Chaplet as much as possible every morning using your site. I feel I am with a group when pray the Chaplet. I am from the Philippines.

Mary - Mar 6, 2012

please sign me up for the 13th of the month club.

Maureen E. Scordato - Sep 27, 2011

Thank you for this letter. It has touched me and reminded me of the importance of prayer especially for one another. I want to be able to say every day, "Jesus, I trust in You." I am encouraged that this may be possible through daily prayer and meditation on His image and Our Lady's. Thank you for the message.

DENISE R. SHANKS - Aug 13, 2011