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Photo: Vision of Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, by Pedro de Moya (ca. 1640)

Who Was St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi?

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By Melanie Williams (May 25, 2016)

May 25 is the feast day of St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, a 16th century Carmelite mystic from Italy. Baptized Caterina, and affectionately known as "The Passion Flower of the Eucharist," St. Mary Magdalene was taught mental prayer, also known as meditation, at the tender age of nine, at the request of her mother. By age 10 she received her First Holy Communion and began experiencing mystical ecstasies. When one experiences ecstasy, one is so filled with the Divine Presence that the faculties of the soul (intellect, will, etc.) are "suspended" and one is utterly filled with the love of God that you might even fall unconscious.

Saint Mary Magdalene's first ecstasy happened at the sight of a beautiful sunset. She was so struck by the beauty of God's creation that she trembled and became speechless. Have you ever spent time just taking in the beauty of God's creation? Especially now that summer is set to begin, take time to put down the cell phone, shut off the television, and go outside and enjoy a gorgeous summer sunset. Take in the grandeur of God's creation, and find the Creator of Love in the simplest of things, or rather, let Him find you.

Soon after her first ecstasy and intimately encountering her Beloved, Mary Magdalene made a private vow of virginity to the Lord. When her parents wanted her to marry, as she was their only daughter, she revealed to them her vow to the Lord, and she soon entered a Carmelite monastery. Her great love and devotion to the Eucharist is what led her to enter the Carmel of St. Mary's of the Angels, who had a special dispensation to daily receive Communion, which was almost unheard of at the time. In her first ecstatic experience after entering, her sisters found her weeping before a crucifix and crying out, "O Love, you are neither known nor loved." She experienced within her soul the pain that her Beloved Jesus experiences from the rejection of so many souls on the earth. No doubt her tears, prayers, and penances brought consolation to the wounded heart of Jesus, and you too can console his heart by your prayers and penances. You may or may not have emotional experiences or ecstasies in this lifetime, but your meditation on His passion and your prayers and penances in reparation for those who reject His love can bring great consolation to His heart.

For the majority of her time as a religious, St. Mary Magdalene endured great physical suffering and illness. While experiencing excruciating suffering, our Lord consoled her with His overwhelming presence and love. Mary Magdalene was quite embarrassed by the attention this brought her. Some sisters ridiculed her, and some sisters wished they experienced ecstasy like her. She would say to those sisters that they should be thankful that they are strong enough to advance in holiness without the Lord Jesus having to give extra graces to keep them going. She was convinced of her misery and weakness because Jesus would grant her so many graces while in suffering. That being said, she also endured a five-year period of great dryness and severe temptations against purity and to suicide. She received visions of the souls in Purgatory during her time of purification and also received the sacred stigmata invisibly, as she begged the Lord to keep it hidden. What is at the heart of this lesson is being thankful for whatever season you are in with the Lord in your life. Whether in a time of great consolation or desolation, the key is to persevere in prayer and penance, in gratitude for God and always seeking His will.

Lastly, St. Mary Magdalene was known to have playful, bantering tones with Jesus. One account given was that of Jesus offering her a crown of thorns and a crown of flowers. She always insisted on the crown of thorns, desiring to suffer for Jesus, but He would always insist on giving her the crown of flowers. When He admonished her, "I called and you didn't care," she came back with, "You didn't call loudly enough" and told the Lord to shout His love. I would encourage those of you reading this to grow in your personal relationship with Jesus. Talk with Him throughout your day, make Him your best of friends, because He wants to be! Don't be afraid to "be real" with Him, to share your struggles and emotions, and also thank Him! Get to know Jesus, love Jesus, and ask for St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi's intercession so that her cry, "O Love, you are neither known nor loved," can be changed to, "You are known and loved!"

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Mary - Mar 29, 2018

St Mary Magdalene de Pazzi. Pray for Ireland on your feastday May 25th. That day the Irish will decide to protect the unborn baby or not. We need all the help we can get from Heaven. Please ask Jesus to spare Ireland from abortion.

Rabelzthemc - Jun 30, 2016

I like to pray using the form of Catholic HipHop. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/mercy/id1091792500

Elizabeth - May 27, 2016

Our mission here on earth is to know and love Jesus, and to make others know and love him. As Catholic Christians, we can't find true and lasting happiness in this world. but the graces He imparts to us help us to accept trials to persevere courageously; walking in the paths where His saints had walked in following Him and doing His will. What a lovely and inspiring story!

- May 26, 2016

Great story

Silvie - May 26, 2016

Blesed be St.Mary Magdalene de Pazzi's for her vocation. As she say "O love,you are neither known nor loved" May she pray for us in God home in heven.

MA - May 26, 2016

That was really beautiful and thank you for the story. I try and build my relationship with Our Lord Jesus exactly in the manner you have written. It is true that when you are in deep meditation with Our Lord, you are so filled with His love that nothing matters. That joy and His loving presence is so so beautiful and divine that nothing matters. I have experienced that.

Thank you my Lord for your love. We love you but help us to love you more and more.

Lawrence - May 25, 2016

thank you Lord Jesus Christ for your love, we will continue to love you. thank you for the trial moment in my life but knowing you and having faith in you I know I come out victorious. thank you Jesus.

Jack in Tx. - May 25, 2016

Thanks for the wonderful story of St. Mary Magdalene and her loving relationship with our Lord Jesus.I will try the things you suggested at the conclusion.If it works for me;it will work for anyone.Peace and Blessings.