The 'One Thing' Is Three

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Wow, the Blessed Mother is Quick!

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by Gail Barzare

About a month ago, during some quiet time, I said a simple prayer to Our Blessed Mother, asking her to help me grow closer to her and her Son, Jesus. I now want to share with Marian Helpers what happened after saying that little prayer.

Mary answered it faster than I could have hoped. Little did I realize how quickly she would respond. Not long after praying, I received a copy of Marian Helper magazine in the mail. As I do with each issue, I read through it from cover to cover. I enjoy the magazine for all the insight it gives into my faith, into Divine Mercy, and into the pastoral work of the Marian Fathers.

In the magazine, I saw a mention of the book 33 Days to Morning Glory, written by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC. Without hesitation, I sent in my order. A couple days later, a friend called and asked me to make a retreat with her. I had just read that Fr. Michael was giving a retreat at Casa Maria Convent and Retreat House in Birmingham, Ala. I registered myself and three friends.

I saw how all of this action in so short a time was clearly the Blessed Mother at work, responding to my simple prayer. I began to feel fulfilled, even excited, that she had responded in that way.

Since making the retreat with my friends, we have all bought and read Fr. Michael's excellent book, and we started our preparation for Marian Consecration. We began on June 13 and ended on July 16. What a way to spend the summer!

Every day, as I began the readings for the day from 33 Days to Morning Glory, I was filled with so much love, joy, peace, and zeal. I find it sometimes hard to be still and not share this overpowering happiness I now have in my heart. I want nothing more than to spread this feeling with others. I now know what Jesus means in Scripture when He tells us not to put our light under a bushel basket. We need to share it with others.

I thank Fr. Michael so much for writing this book and sharing his insights into Marian consecration. This book has done so much good.

I pray for Fr. Michael, that he continues to be a holy priest of Jesus Christ. I also pray for all the Marian Helpers. Just a little footnote: My son Matthew is in his third year of theology at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, La. I pray he will be a holy priest. Please pray for him.

Gail Barzare lives in Birmingham, Ala.

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Editor - Mar 4, 2013

Hi Sharon.

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sharon gordon - Mar 3, 2013

Thank you for the inspiring story. How do you get the magazine?