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Our Friend, Padre Pio

On Sept. 23, we celebrate the 50th anniversary St. Padre Pio's passing into eternal life and the 100th anniversary of his receiving the stigmata. What can we learn from this saint today?


Ask a Marian

How can God be happy if some of His children are in hell? Why would any soul choose hell? Here are the answers to these tough questions.


What happens when you return to the Source

In the aftermath of the tragic death of her husband, the past year and a half has been nothing less than life-changing for Mary Paver and her children.


Streams of Mercy, Part 6: Faith

Let's talk about the virtue of faith. When we take after the example of St. Faustina, who called faith her "guidepost," we quickly realize that faith is much more than a mere theological concept. It's a living reality.


The Power of One

The wisdom of Mother Teresa applies even in a time of crisis. (A meditation for her feast day, Sept. 5.)


Framing the Gospel through Divine Mercy

A Friend of Mercy was inspired to give away Divine Mercy Images. This led her to a place far, far away. Read her inspirational witness.


Saint Augustine of Hippo

To mark the feast day of one of the Church's deepest thinkers, read an excerpt from Divine Mercy: A Guide from Genesis to Benedict XVI.


The St. Monica Option

Saint Monica's patient, persevering prayer made all the difference in the world. No joke.


Sometimes, Chastisement is a Mercy

Chile. Honduras. McCarrick. Pennsylvania. In the face of such scandal, what's a Catholic to do?


Streams of Mercy, Part 5: Peace

We continue our series, "Streams of Mercy," by reflecting on the gift of peace as presented in the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska. Learn more about how to snuggle close to the Heart of Jesus and therein find peace.


Rays of Mercy Fighting Cancer

Maricela was frightened and in pain as she underwent over 30 radiation treatments for breast cancer. Then Jesus showed her that it wasn't only radiation rays shining upon her, but His rays of mercy.


Half an Inch, Half a Year, and 55 Years of Marriage

Half an inch, half a year, and 55 years of marriage — This small-town couple proves that with the help of faith, love can truly conquer all, including car accidents, hurried courtships, and long distance drives.


Touched by an 'Angel'?

I have a "Jesus, I Trust in You" magnet on the back of my van. Maybe that's what attracted this particular Angel.


Encuentro Latino 2018

Three Latino pilgrims shared their stories of faith, healing, and mercy, at this year's Encuentro Latino celebration. See their full testimonies here, along with a homily from the day by Fr. Dante Ag├╝ero, MIC.


Ask a Marian, August 2018

Does suffering from depression mean you have to suffer for souls and in reparation for sin? Would you be forgiven for walking away from a family member who is pushing you away? The Marian Fathers answer these difficult questions.

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