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Hug the Cross

Hug the Cross — On this day, I was wishing for a piece of driftwood to take home. None were in sight except a big log I walked past. Then came the fourth Sorrowful Mystery.


So Many Reasons to Pray

So Many Reasons to Pray — Our Lord made it clear to me: The world needs us to turn to Him in trust.


Scripture Study: Sixth Sunday of Easter

The Gospel Symphony — Learn how following rules leads us to experience the most beauty and the greatest sense of freedom.


The Grace of Divine Mercy Sunday

The Grace of Divine Mercy Sunday — I looked at her and said good morning. I asked her if she slept well. She said, "Neil, I want to go to Confession."


Wall Street Miracle

Find out about how corporate executives on the floor of the New York Stock Exchanged learned about the intercessory power of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


A Beam of Light Leads to a Worldwide Java Jolt

A Beam of Light Leads to a Worldwide Java Jolt — As Tom Jastermsky likes to say, "Sometimes a small cup of coffee can make a big difference."


'All I Wanted Was to Be a Priest'

'All I Wanted Was to Be a Priest' — The rector of the school, a Catholic priest, asked him, "If you become a doctor, who will become a priest in your diocese?"


30-Minute Rosary Miracle

30-Minute Rosary Miracle — A member of our Thirteenth of the Month Club sent in the following story, which tells about one of the fastest responses to a Rosary intention you'll ever read.


The Feast of St. Joseph

People from her village had already been shot. Still, relying on the intercession of St. Joseph, Mare Zgombic decided to try to convince the soldiers to release her husband.


Faithful Helper Passes on to Eternal Life

Longtime Marian Helper Joanne Clough passed into eternal life on March 8, 2018. The Marian Fathers extend their heartfelt prayers and gratitude to Joanne and Ken.


A Lesson in the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick

Thankfully, Jesus, in His mercy, has a Sacrament dedicated to conferring grace and giving strength to those who are sick.


More Proof of the Power of the Rosary

In the end, I say the Rosary because I am a huge sinner.


How God Led an Artist to Divine Mercy and Conversion

Artist James Sulkowski, a former Presbyterian, could not predict the events that led him to answer God's call and embrace the faith of his ancestors.


'I Knew God Was Reaching Out to Me'

The way in which he received Dom's prayercard seems to have been an act of God.


Marian Helpers in Action

Much like the Marians' Healthcare Professionals for Divine Mercy, she sees it as her calling to help form the consciences of Catholic healthcare professionals.

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