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In the Mailbox — June 2021

Thirteenth of the Month Club members share their news and views.


Seeing the Blessed Mother's Protection

When she was hit by a truck on her way to Mass, one Canadian woman's life was spared. Here's her code of the road.


Never Give Up Hope

When Stacia Marie's non-Catholic father was dying of cancer, she did everything she could to help spiritually prepare him for death. Her story ought to give hope to anyone who worries about the salvation of a loved one.


The Man Behind the Knights

Michael McGivney, the founder of the Knights of Columbus, recently became the first native of Connecticut to be beatified by the Roman Catholic Church. Here's how this holy man became a "Blessed."


Doggedly Devoted

Theresa Moore of Seymore, Connecticut, was not your typical public school teacher. During her 37 years teaching English to ninth graders, she often tried to bring her faith in God into the classroom.


For the Daily Double!

"God allows souls to suffer here so that they may be purified to share in His holiness." What is Purgatory? "Correct!"


New Movie About Venerable Patrick Peyton

The man behind the famous phrase "the family that prays together stays together" is the subject of a new documentary that released in theaters in October. It's called "Pray: the Story of Patrick Peyton" and was created by Family Theater Productions.


Advent: A How-To Guide

Advent means "coming," from the Latin for "arrival." So how are we to prepare for Christ's arrival?


After the Election

In a year like no other, we've been enduring a campaign season and an election like no other. No matter what has happened, is happening, or will happen, we always have the obligation to love our country, honor the public authorities, and speak the truth as best we can in obedience to Christ.


'We're All Healthcare Now'

Virtual for the first time, the Divine Mercy Medicine, Bioethics, and Spirituality Conference invites all to participate.


As He Lay Dying

This is one in a series of testimonies from our readers who share their stories on the power of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.


Ed Gordon's Long Journey Back

My parents dragged me to church. I didn't want to be there, and as soon as I moved out of the house, church attendance would not be on my priority list.


Join Us in a 54-Day Rosary Novena!

Let's pray for the respect for life from conception to natural death.


You Are Called to Serve

January 27 is the feast day of Blessed George Matulaitis. Here is the challenge he set for all of us.


Behold, He Comes!

What about all the time "in between" those two comings? What does Advent mean for me right now?

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