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Divine Mercy Conference Poses a Challenge to the Faithful

One of the most talked about Catholics in America spoke at the 14th Annual Divine Mercy Conference.


Divine Mercy Wakes Woman from Coma

Club member Erma tells the story of her close friend miraculously waking up from a coma after she prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and implored God's mercy.


The Path to Pro-Life

Abby Johnson, a featured speaker at the upcoming 14th Annual Divine Mercy Conference in Bronx, New York, tells us how she went from Planned Parenthood director to persuasive and powerful pro-life witness.


Praying the Chaplet to Death

Father Starzynski prays the Chaplet with at least one dying person every day. What led him to begin doing this?


New Book Fosters a Deeper Relationship with God

Author, speaker, and former executive editor for the Marian Fathers, Vinny Flynn, has come out with a new book to help you develop your own unique way of conversing with God.


Welcoming the Stranger

Immigration is among the hottest of hot button issues. We Catholics and Marian Helpers must be guided by certain basic principles. Here's the first in our series on Catholic social teaching.


'What a Grace of God'

Just after leaving the hospital with her newborn, Louise Fecteau had to turn around, walk back in, and identify the body of her eldest child. But God had graces in store.


A 'Surprise' Phone Call

She shares the same birth name as a certain famous saint. Find out who!


Marian Helpers, Let's Head to Higher Ground

Why does the world need Marian Helpers? Find out in this article.


'A Compass to Point You to Heaven'

These devoted Catholics discovered the power of God's mercy as they teamed up to create an album inspired by the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska. Find out what drives them.


A Heavenly Matchmaker

He prayed to St. Anthony to help find his wife. Find out how St. Anthony came through times two.


Relying on God's Process

Ever feel like your life is tedious and repetitive? Well here's the thing: Every day we have the opportunity to weave a garland.


'I Got This'

Club member Janine told the Lord at an early age, "I give you my heart." Many years later, Jesus the Divine Mercy made His presence known in her life in some powerful ways.


Timing? You Need Not Ask.

I would like to share with the Marian Helpers an incredible experience my family and I had.


Go Helpers!

It's been 75 years since the founding of the Association of Marian Helpers. How did it start? What setbacks did we face? What have we accomplished together?

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