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A Life of Love in Action

What would you do if a complete stranger greeted you, not with a smile and cheery "Hello," but a smile and "I love you"? Would you be put off, or would you respond in kind?


This is the Sound of a Lost Soul

I wasn't able to sleep because I heard loud train whistles all night. I have never heard so many trains in my life.


Let's Unmask the Real Halloween

If costuming your children as witches, ghosts, or demons concerns you, fine — exorcise the demons from the wardrobe!


Get Down on Your Knees!

Let St. Teresa of Avila, a Doctor of the Church, teach you the power of prayer.


'Make Me an Instrument'

Mark, indeed, had the faith to deal with it all, a faith that has since seamlessly appropriated — for spiritual purposes — the police motto "to serve and protect."


Guardians Dear

The more we invite our guardian angels to act in our lives, the more freedom they have to maneuver.


Rest in Peace, Suzanne

"She passed very peacefully and was surrounded by friends and family after a long struggle with cancer," said Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, director of the Association of Marian Helpers.


Signs for the Times

Everybody says, "My gosh, you see them everywhere." More than 1,000 can be found in yards, highways, and cemeteries throughout Washington, thanks to Marian Helper Kenn Obermark and his crew's labor of love.


The Gentlest Weapon

Find out what happened when 18 women gathered in the basement of the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy to strategize about spiritual warfare.


Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows

Have you ever had to experience watching a loved one suffer?


Amidst Church Scandals, What Do We Do Now?

One reader writes: "If the devil can attack our priests and lessen faith in the hierarchy, then the Church becomes weak. How can we join together in prayer for this nightmare to be resolved?" Here's our response:


She Lives in the Moment with Mary

Club member Pauline Trubacz did not start practicing her Catholic faith until she was in her 30s. Today, she hardly goes a minute without asking the Blessed Virgin Mary for guidance.


Rays of Mercy Fighting Cancer

Maricela was frightened and in pain as she underwent over 30 radiation treatments for breast cancer. Then Jesus showed her that it wasn't only radiation rays shining upon her, but His rays of mercy.


The Power of a Family's Great Faith and Perseverance

Find out how for one family, a little faith combined with the unfathomable power of Divine Mercy transformed a devastating tragedy into a source of healing and conversion.


Touched by an 'Angel'?

I have a "Jesus, I Trust in You" magnet on the back of my van. Maybe that's what attracted this particular Angel.

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