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Exciting New on the Litany of Loreto

Pope Francis has added three new titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary. What are these titles, and what do they mean? Father Donald Calloway, MIC, explains.


With an Eye on My Ancestors

Thank you to Holy Souls Sodality member Anadele Roulain of Kerrville, Texas, who sent in this powerful testimony.


Despite Appearances, She Believed

No creature had more faith than the Blessed Virgin Mary. She believed, despite appearances, that Christ would conquer death, and her faith was not misplaced.


Happy Birthday, Mother Mary!

"Today the Virgin is born, tended and formed and prepared for her role as Mother of God, who is the universal King of the ages" — St. Andrew of Crete.


Saint Joseph: a Brush with the Real Man

Did you know that Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, commissioned several artists from around the world to paint original images of St. Joseph based on his book Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father? Learn what went into making the artwork a reality.


The Case for the Assumption of Mary

We celebrate one of the greatest mysteries of the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Aug. 15. How do we know her Assumption really happened?


It's All Connected

The Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary gives us trust in mercy and hope for eternity


Breath from Heaven

More than a decade ago, Karen Fennell was diagnosed with an immune disorder that made it difficult for her to breath. Then a friend took her to the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy. She made an improbable recovery.


It Rhymes with '-Unk'

Father Dan recently received a Facebook message that mused how the coronavirus pandemic is changing us all: that we're either becoming "hunks," "chunks," or "drunks." In this month's newsletter, he proposes another option.


Prudence: The Second Evangelical Virtue

How did the Blessed Mother exemplify the virtue of prudence in the Gospels? Why do we need to attain this virtue? Let's take a look.


'She's Coming For Me'

About a week before he died, Bill Baril told his wife, "She's coming for me, you know." Who was he talking about?


'He Loved Me That Much'

Not once but twice, the Blessed Mother interceded in the life of Clifford Herbert. He's since made and given away thousands of Rosary beads. Here's what happened.


Chastity: The First Evangelical Virtue

The Blessed Virgin Mary exemplified the virtue of chastity better than anyone. By contemplating the Blessed Mother's virtues, you can obtain the virtue of chastity, too.


'The Best Catholic Movie Since the Passion of The Christ'

Producer Dick Lyles tells you everything you need to know about "Fatima" before it comes to theaters on Aug. 14.


USA Reconsecrating to Mary

The United States of America will be reconsecrated to Mary, Mother of the Church, by the U.S. bishops on May 1. The faithful may join in by tuning into the USCCB's social media platforms.

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