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Patience is an Evangelical Virtue

Last month, we talked about poverty, the seventh of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Evangelical Virtues. This month, we address Mary's eighth Evangelical Virtue: patience.


Prayerfully Join Us in a Novena to Our Lady of Victory

During these unsettling times, let us continue to pray for God's mercy on the United States and on the whole world.


Side by Side with St. Joseph

In the chill of the high desert, standing vigilant by a manger, likely still bewildered but certainly at peace, this is the man we can turn to now for help. Because, yes, let's agree on this point: We need his help.


What's the Case for the Immaculate Conception?

What does the Bible tell us? What do the ancient Church Fathers say? And how does the Immaculate Conception relate to The Divine Mercy?


Rich Woman, Poor Woman

Last month, we talked about obedience, the sixth of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Evangelical Virtues. This month we address Mary's seventh Evangelical Virtue: poverty.


Twin 'Miracles'

First, the Blessed Mother intervened to assure Br. Paschal that the soul of his twin brother, George, was at peace. Years later, Br. Paschal called upon the Divine Mercy to deliver him from a life-threatening illness, and he wasn't disappointed.


The Grasshopper Chapel

In Cold Spring, Minnesota, in the late 19th century, a plague of insects was wreaking havoc on this small farm community. But the locals turned to the Blessed Mother, who came through in a most powerful way.


Our Lady, Comfort of Migrants

Many throughout the world live in fear for their lives, whether from threats of an oppressive government, lawlessness, or a lack of economic opportunity. Thankfully, anyone who hopes for a better future elsewhere can find help and protection from the Blessed Mother.


Obey Your Way to Freedom

To our modern culture, the idea that we Catholics are called to practice obedience might seem archaic, perhaps even dangerous. But far from being a burden, obedience to God leads to authentic freedom.


Where There's Mary, There's Hope

One 19th century apparition revealed Our Lady as the "Mother of Hope." The Blessed Mother wants us to trust in God's promises, even when all else seems to be going wrong.


Hopefully Devoted to You

Devotion is the fifth Evangelical Virtue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. How in Scripture did Mary exemplify this virtue?


The Shrine that Wouldn't Burn

Amidst the deadliest fire in the history of the United States, only 5 acres remained untouched by flames. Those acres make up the shrine that commemorates our nation's only approved apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Exciting News on the Litany of Loreto

Pope Francis has added three new titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary. What are these titles, and what do they mean? Father Donald Calloway, MIC, explains.


With an Eye on My Ancestors

Thank you to Holy Souls Sodality member Anadele Roulain of Kerrville, Texas, who sent in this powerful testimony.


Despite Appearances, She Believed

No creature had more faith than the Blessed Virgin Mary. She believed, despite appearances, that Christ would conquer death, and her faith was not misplaced.

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