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Our Lady Opens the Doors to God

The legacy of sacramentals in the devotional life of the Church comes from a very long Scriptural tradition, indeed.


An Immaculate Path to Peace

Through Mary's Heart's love, elevated and perfected by the Holy Spirit, she says yes to God, and God comes to save us all.


What IS the Immaculate Heart?

My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.


Have a Heart!

Each June, we celebrate the Sacred and the Immaculate Hearts on two separate feasts. But the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart always comes the Friday before the Saturday celebration of the Immaculate Heart.


In the Moment with St. Joseph

At midnight on a cold night this past January, a neighbor called to tell us that the wind had knocked a tree from our yard into the road.


Debt and Disease No Match for St. Joseph

Stephen Murphy of Morgantown, West Virginia, wanted to join the Marian Fathers, but crippling debt and chronic illness blocked his path. So, he prayed a couple of 30-day novenas to St. Joseph. Saint Joseph didn't disappoint. 


Mary Was Ready

When the Archangel Gabriel visited Our Lady at the Annunciation, he didn't tell her to prepare herself for the coming of the Lord. He didn't need to.


She Feels Our Pain

Last month, we talked about mercy, the ninth of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Evangelical Virtues. This month, we address Mary's tenth Evangelical Virtue: sorrow or compassion.


Hearts Reaching Into Misery

Last month, we talked about patience, the eighth of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Evangelical Virtues. This month, we address Mary's ninth Evangelical Virtue: mercy.


Patience is an Evangelical Virtue

No created person suffered more patiently than the Blessed Mother. While the world craves instant gratification, she shows us the way to patient endurance.


Prayerfully Join Us in a Novena to Our Lady of Victory

During these unsettling times, let us continue to pray for God's mercy on the United States and on the whole world.


Side by Side with St. Joseph

In the chill of the high desert, standing vigilant by a manger, likely still bewildered but certainly at peace, this is the man we can turn to now for help. Because, yes, let's agree on this point: We need his help.


Rich Woman, Poor Woman

Last month, we talked about obedience, the sixth of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Evangelical Virtues. This month we address Mary's seventh Evangelical Virtue: poverty.


Twin 'Miracles'

First, the Blessed Mother intervened to assure Br. Paschal that the soul of his twin brother, George, was at peace. Years later, Br. Paschal called upon the Divine Mercy to deliver him from a life-threatening illness, and he wasn't disappointed.


The Grasshopper Chapel

In Cold Spring, Minnesota, in the late 19th century, a plague of insects was wreaking havoc on this small farm community. But the locals turned to the Blessed Mother, who came through in a most powerful way.

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