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Ten-Hut, Soldier!

"I am often asked, 'Why do you get up so early every morning to make rosaries?'"


One Man's Mercy Legacy

Leo N. Macht became the Johnny Appleseed of sorts for the Divine Mercy movement.


Now What?

That's been Ted Hanley's policy since a 96-year-old nun spoke to him through a wooden cloister grill.


My Experience of Mercy Sunday

"There was the altar set up exactly as I had seen it in my consoling vision!"


A Dream of St. Faustina Inspires a Special Gift

Do you remember how you heard about Divine Mercy? I want to share with you Kay's story, which is both a testimony to faith and an expression of gratitude.


She Wrote the Book of 'Life'

Meet a stay-at-home-mom with a "crazy" idea that she could change lives. The idea has worked!


Men on a Mission

Our Holy Father says every faithful person should respond to the mission appeal and not see it simply as a task for "specialists." Please consider helping the Marians' worldwide ministries.


The Day I Hungered in a Hospital Chapel

I said a prayer the night before and the day of surgery asking our Lord to remember my promise and that I needed Him to provide me with Holy Communion.


She Opened My Eyes to the Merciful Lord

I guess the Lord decided enough was enough and that I needed a wake-up call.


Nurse Marie Honored for Divine Mercy Healthcare Work

She has brought the message of Divine Mercy into the lives of healthcare professionals around the world.


'I Think God Was Watching Over Me'

In Paul's words, "the experience of war shook my faith. I saw too much war."


Protected in Prayer

How do Marian Helpers step up to the plate? Here's one way.


How Divine Mercy Flooded My Soul

My marriage was in serious trouble, and I felt like a failure in so many areas in my life.


Mary, My Mother

I wanted to know what I was missing. I wanted to know Our Lady.


Just Do It

Genevieve Pringle had no idea the adventure she was about to embark upon.

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