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Footsteps to Mercy: Feb. 20

God's Word is living and effective.


Footsteps to Mercy: Feb. 19

We will be held accountable for what we do — or don't do — for the least of those among us.


Footsteps to Mercy: Feb. 18 — First Sunday of Lent

Expect suffering and temptation.


Footsteps to Mercy: Feb. 17

Are you aware of your sins? That's a good start.


Footsteps to Mercy: Feb. 16

It's our duty to serve.


Scripture Study: First Sunday of Lent

Find out what Scripture tells us about spiritual pain and learn how we can heal this Lenten season.


Footsteps to Mercy: Feb. 15

Why should we unite our trials to Jesus' suffering on the Cross?


Footsteps to Mercy: Feb. 14 (Ash Wednesday)

Lent is meant to be more than a routine.


Valentine's Day is Ash Wednesday. What to Make of That?

This year, Lent begins on Valentine's Day.



When faced with a difficult decision, we need to ask ourselves this simple question ...


Models of Mercy: Saint Josephine Bakhita

On Feb. 8, we celebrate the feast day of St. Josephine Bakhita.


Ask Fr. Thaddaeus

Father Thaddaeus answers your questions about the faith.


Evangelize This Way

In the readings for this Sunday, St. Paul reveals the method he used to bring the most amount of people he could to Christ.


Ask Fr. Thaddaeus

Where should a church place the Divine Mercy Image? Father Thaddaeus answers this and other questions for you.


The Secret of Lent

Learn from St. Faustina to live Lent in a simple but holy way.

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