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Through the Eucharist We Actually Become What We Eat!

As we prepare for the great Feast of the Nativity this year, let's try to remember what the real feast spread out before us is.


Humble Simplicity

In this Christmas season, unite your heart to Jesus through His words to St. Faustina. The following excerpt from the Marians' new daily devotional can serve as your guide.


More on the Mysteries of Divine Mercy in the Mass

What truth did St. Faustina have dramatically impressed upon her soul immediately after receiving the Blessed Sacrament?


On Keeping the 'Christ' and the 'Mass' in 'Christmas'

I received a letter recently from a fellow who finds himself in a predicament.


The Immaculate Conception: the Cause of Our Joy

The Immaculate Conception is a gift solely dependent upon Divine Mercy.


Thousands of Cenacles, and Counting

Around the world, people are talking about Divine Mercy now more than ever. There's a good reason for that.


What God Has Offered Us Throughout the Ages

Listen to a radio interview with Divine Mercy expert Dr. Robert Stackpole, STD.


God and Country, by Means of Divine Mercy

It was probably only a matter of time before Girl Scouts discovered the message of Divine Mercy.


After the Election, a New Call to Prayer

I believe that we need to cling to Our Lady, to trust in her Son more strongly now than ever, and pray for our new president.


Saved! But Why to Evangelical Protestantism?

Here's a question that I know bugs a lot of Catholics these days, and I'm glad that one of our readers expressed it so well.


MOMM Calls for 'All-Out Prayer Blitz'

That means all of us, each day, getting on their knees and spending extra time praying to God for mercy and wisdom for our nation and ourselves.


Guess What? It's Nothing New!

While bishops meet in Rome for a synod on the richness of the Bible, let's delves into the Old Testament, which is rich in Divine Mercy.


To 'Lonely,' in South Dakota

I had forgotten all about her, a lonely woman who had called asking for help I could give — except to commend her to God.


What Do You Want Me to Do, Lord?

In many situations, the possibilities for action seem endless. Usually, we can choose only one course of action, though. How do we know which choice is aligned to "God's will" for our lives?


Petal Power

Read an excerpt from Fr. Donald Calloway's new book!

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