Explaining the Faith

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Each week, Fr. Chris delves into the truth, beauty, and goodness of the Catholic faith.

CLICK to watch the full series.

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Eva - Jun 6, 2021

Hello Father Chris, first of all, I am so appreciative of your videos. They have helped me in countless ways that now I need to understand the benefits in fasting in prayer with an intention other than during lent. Could you please make an in-depth video about fasting and how scriptures of fasting is documented in the Bible?
Thank you

Janet - Mar 2, 2021

Thank you so much for your series. I listen to all of them and have returned to the faith as a result. Please keep teaching! I look forward to each week learning more. God bless you!

Ray - Feb 20, 2021

Did Jesus say Judas is in Hell?
Is anyone in Hell?

Mary - Feb 9, 2021

If a priest gives a blessing with a first class relic over the internet, do people at home really receive that blessing??

A. fie - Feb 3, 2021

Sue - Jan 16, 2021

In the last two weeks, we have been unable to find any new "Explaining the Faith" series videos. Has Father Alar discontinued his weekly talks?

It is in my Sunday's routine to watch this. I live in Australia and don't receive the availability until then. I have been missing them!!
Thank you. Sue

Petra - Jan 16, 2021

Could not find the link for today- Jan. 16,2020.

Has Father stopped his series?

Suzy - Jan 2, 2021

We are behind a week.
Can you please send us a copy of the things you talked about on the confession.
The ren commandments and the 7 deadly sins
The question you had us to ask ourselves