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Father Bob Shaldone Shares Some Stories

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Father Bob Shaldone, SOLT, was driving from Texas to Stockbridge, Mass., in November when he heard the Lord speak to his heart about his new ministry at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy.

"You will minister My mercy to others," the Lord told his heart, "but you, too, will experience My mercy."

That certainly has been the case. But his tenure at the Shrine isn't the first time Fr. Bob has experienced the Lord's incredible mercy. Indeed, below he shares with us three good reasons he's helping the Marians spread the Divine Mercy message and devotions.

With the blessing of his superior in the the Society of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity, Fr. Bob has been assisting the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception in ministering to the thousands of pilgrims who visit the Shrine.

He has experienced many graces since arriving in Stockbridge on Nov. 12. "This is holy ground, no doubt about that," says Fr. Bob. "It's a privilege, especially to hear confessions here. So many people are experiencing heart-wrenching situations, and they need the mercy of God."

Father Bob is a native of Needham, Mass. and most recently the associate pastor of St. Anthony's Parish in Robstown, Texas.

Over the years, he has experienced many situations in which Jesus has made it known to him that He keeps His promises with regard to those who pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. These experiences have fostered within him a deep devotion to Divine Mercy.

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MgW - Dec 20, 2018

Thank you for these beautiful testimonies dear Father Shaldone! God love you Jesus Mercy Holy Spirit fill you!

Fr. Bob Shaldone - Mar 6, 2013

Hi Lori (Feb 18th comments). Please send me your email address and I will try to give you a written account of my testimonies. My email is [email protected] God bless and keep you! Fr. Bob

Lois - Feb 22, 2013

Comment to CS -- We don't even know if the person in the Confessional was "real" or if that particular confession was that of a soul in Purgatory and a special grace granted to Fr Bob by The Divine Mercy, knowing that Fr Bob would give witness, furthering the message and devotion of Divine Mercy. Thank you for your extraordinary testimonies, Fr Bob.

Francis - Feb 21, 2013

Hi CS. I don't agree with you. He makes no mention of name in this second testimony. I think relaying the story only helps the many of us who are nervous about entering the confessional. The story underscores how no matter what we've done -- even being a repentant Nazi — the confessional is a place we can encounter Christ and be forgiven of our sins. God bless you all, and thanks Fr. Bob.

CS - Feb 20, 2013

I appreciate the testimonies, but I'm not sure what to make of the second video. Did Father get that man's permission to share his confession publicly? Wouldn't this information fall under the seal of the confessional?

Mabel - Feb 19, 2013

Thank you for sharing your experiences and God's Mercy Fr. Bob.

Lori - Feb 18, 2013

Hi my hearing is not very good so I dont hear these videos very well is there any way these videos you post could be written down Thankyou...and God Bless

Dcn. Bob - Feb 18, 2013

Many Thanks! Fr. Bob for sharing such powerful examples of God 's Mercy through your gift of Priesthood.
As I was listening to you I was reminded in St. Faustina's Diary of how important it is, like you, to listen and adhear to the promptings of
The Holy Spirit .
During the second World War there was a young Marine going to the war zone and his mother asked him to pray every day a hail Mary to Our Lady that if he was injered that a priest would give him the then Last Rites. A chaplain was traveling down the road and came to a folk and suddenly he felt he should go the other direction even though he did not know why he should be delayed. The road lead to the base hospital and when he came into the ward the nurse was quite surprised and said; Father you are just in time how did you know? There is a young Marine dying who told me that a priest would come and I will not die until he comes. The priest and nurse were in awe of God's providence and Mary's Love. You are a great witness - thanks for being here for us Father.