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Father Dan Cracks the Case

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Bunnies, eggs, candy, oh my! Watch Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC, make sense of all this:

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Nancy - Apr 16, 2017

I cant believe he is teching this, the easter bunny has nothing to do with Jesus resurrection. I am in shock this father just said that,

Donna - Apr 16, 2017

Happy Easter to all! This was a great lesson for Easter morning

The Samaritan - Apr 15, 2017

Father how do you worship God in Spirit and in truth?

Lara - Apr 15, 2017

Thank you Father, this was extremely helpful to my spiritual walk & celebrating the season. I am Eastern Catholic & a devotee of the Divine Mercy message: Christ is Risen! Glorify Him!

Ann - Apr 15, 2017

Beautiful, Father! Did not know that. Have a Blesed Easter to you and the whole Marian Associates and all the work that you do for our church.

SiSC - Apr 14, 2017

Thanks Father Dan, BFF

Raynah DVosta - Apr 14, 2017

Thank-you Father for the info about the Easter Bunny and eggs.

Kevin - Apr 14, 2017

Father. I learned something new. Thanks for taking the time to explain the meaning of the Easter Bunny and Eggs to us.
God Bless you and all the members of the MIC. Happy Easter!

Marilyn - April 14,2017 - Apr 14, 2017

How beautiful and insightful. Thank you Father. Wishing you a most Blessed Easter also.

Nancy - Apr 14, 2017

Thank-you Father. I will share this with the children in my family. Happy Easter & God's Blessings to you & all the Marian Fathers.

cmr - Apr 14, 2017

Thank you Father for putting even the Easter Bunny in a beautiful perspective for the first time ever. Praise Jesus!!

Jennifer Armstrong - Apr 14, 2017

I grew up in group that taught that Easter was pagan and that bunnies and eggs had nothing to do with what Jesus did for us. Thanks for correcting this misconceptions and bringing us closer to Jesus and His Church!

Elizabeth - Mar 28, 2016

And Holy Thursday. I say to all: Happy Easter! Deo Gratias. He is Risen!

Elizabeth - Mar 28, 2016

But where are Good Friday and Easter Sunday? Articles for each of these days should have been posted here also.