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Frank Kelly Leads Shrine Healing Service

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By Felix Carroll (Oct 28, 2013)
A construction foreman, Frank Kelly climbed into a crawlspace on top of a walk-in refrigerator on Dec. 5, 1985, at a job site inside a Boston hospital. He was reaching for some pipes when his right wrist came into contact with high-voltage electrical wires protruding from a junction box.

He was practically burnt to a crisp and left for dead. But the thing was, he didn't die. Instead, he was given what he calls "a gift of piety" and — as it became increasingly clear — a gift to pass on divine messages to people he prays over. Through him, God has granted countless people physical and/or spiritual healings.

Frank led the monthly healing service at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy on Thursday. Before the service began, he shared with us stories of growing up in Boston as one of 12 children in a devout-Catholic, working-class family; of the events surrounding his electrocution; and how he came to understand that God sought to use him to help bring His message of love and healing to the world.

His healing ministry is sanctioned by the Church. His spiritual adviser, the Rev. Ronald K. Tacelli, SJ, professor of philosophy at Boston College, says "God uses Frank, this very human man with his radiant smile and remarkable touch and words of knowledge, as a sensible sign of the eternal Love that lies at the heart of things: the Love that created us, sustains us, reaches out to us, and wants to heal us of hate and sin."

Frank goes wherever he's invited, because that's what Jesus told him to do — "to go and instruct," Frank says.

Frank individually prays over people, asking only for their first name. He says God speaks through him. He gives each person a personal message from God, sometimes involving illnesses known or unknown. He often gives people the name of a saint to pray to.

"Jesus is still the healer," he says. "I couldn't heal a bug. All of this is done for the purpose of giving glory to Jesus."

He urges people to pray and trust — particularly to ask the saints for their intercession.

"When I was a boy, my mother told me, 'Prayer is nothing but God instructing you.' That stayed with me. She said, 'Look at the lives of the saints. Look at how they started out. Look how they ended up. They're your role models."

In the following clip, he shares with us how he first came to believe in the intercessory power of the saints:

In the following clip, Frank shares with us the story of his electrocution:

After the electrocution, he says he received the "gift of piety," which led to three-and-a-half years of nearly unceasing prayer. In the following clip, Frank shares how he refused, at first, to accept God's role for him as a conduit to healing.

"You got the wrong guy, please bother someone else," he once prayed to God. But eventually, even he couldn't escape from the special task:

One hundred percent of the money Frank's ministry takes in (mostly through the sale of his book Short Circuit to God) goes to the poor through priests in Ghana and India.

To learn more about Frank, including how to arrange for him to visit your parish or prayer group, visit

POST SCRIPT— Frank Kelly was involved in a serious car accident in Alabama on Nov. 14. He has asked people to pray for the intercession of St. Luke (for doctors); Bishop Sheehan (for a miracle); Gemma Galbani (for back); and Nelson Baker.

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- Feb 21, 2022

Liz - Sep 21, 2019

I believe yet feel that I'm missing something in my life. I'm not as close to God as I was..I miss that. Somewhat discouraged as my recall not so hot & fell back on my reading. Need to strengthen my faith. Will pray for those also leaving comments. God bless!

M.B. - Aug 29, 2019

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in 37 years. Underwent a partial mastectomy. The pathology report showed that I'm a carrier of a mutated gene called NBN+. I do not need radiation & chemotherapy. The doctor told me I am cancer free. I will need constant mammograms & CAT scans to make sure it doesn't reapper . I was told to ask msgr Fulton J. Sheen to intercede on my behalf, did that + rosary. I also prayed to Padre Pio & the virgin (also got water from Lourdes).

Claire - Feb 11, 2019

I went to healing service at St. Rose of Lima Church in Rockaway Beach, New York in March 2018. I met Frank Kelly and said i was there for my sister. She has had daily seizures for at least 50 years. I have not seen her have a seizure since May 2018.
My sister lives in a group home but is very much a part of our family.. For the past 20 years she has come to my house every other weekend for overnight visits. I am also very involeved in her medical care, and there have been no medication changes.
I want to tell my parish priest about this, but I have been waiting for a copy of the seizure log records from her group home and day program to be given to us. I want to make sure their records correspond to what my sister, brother, my husband and myself have witnessed.
I have always been very skeptical when i have heard of “healers”, but i still payed for God to send us healers. We need healers, i was like, where are the healers? They’re in the Old Testament and the New Testament. (Then i thought maybe God has given us healers but we don’t know who they are or maybe they don’t know that they are healers) This is the first time i have gone to a healer. I can’t even remember how i found out about Frank Kelly. Somewhere i read that he was going to be at St. Rose of Lima Church. I had attended St. Rose of Lima grammar school.
I have been praying every day for Frank Kelly, and asking for Saints to pray for him.

Angela - Nov 3, 2018

I was at one of Mr. Kelly’s service in Medway.
It was very enlightening and Mr. Kelly emitted such happiness during the service despite him not feeling well..with cold symptoms . I felt however something was missing. It was hoping that there was some spiritual music to add to the service and enhance the Spirit of Our Lord . God blessings to all!

John - Oct 4, 2018

My wife has serious mental health and physical issues that are seriously affecting our family. Please pray for us.

Doug - Feb 25, 2018

Dear Frank,
I'm getting a bone scan tomorrow to see if my prostate cancer has metastasized. I'm asking for your prayers to help me discern what the next step is. God bless you!
Doug, from Monroe, NY

Shirlee - Feb 19, 2018

Dear Frank,

I was at your healing service, at the St. Aloysius Church, in New Canaan, CT. held at the end of 2017.

I felt in my heart, you were truly speaking for Christ, with all his glory shining down on me!

You gave me his blessings and the healing prayers to my Saints, for healing in the following areas: St. Luke, for strength; St. Sebastian, for muscle strength; St. Phillip Nero, for Strengthen heart & to clear up bloodwork; St. Peter, for back trouble. And added comments, sacred heart for marriage.

Little did I know, I would soon enter the hospital, requiring emergency surgery, of which I would encounter toxic shock syndrome, plus finding blood infection sepsis. Miraculously, I immediately recovered for these two deadly conditions, no doubt, the healing came from the divine grace and mercy that came out your healing session that evening, working through Christ. My infectious disease doctor, also, said my recovery was miraculous.

I have been a cancer patient since 2014, going through surgeries, chemo and radiation treatments. Now, most recently, cancer has shown up in my bladder, and more surgery is on the horizon. Next week I will be going to MSK, cancer center, in NYC, to meet with my surgeon.

I will keep you in my prayer, and for your healing ministry, doing God’s work. Please pray for me, that I will be cured of this cancer, and that I will not need any further treatments.

Shirlee, from Norwalk, CT February 17, 2018

Susan - Feb 16, 2018

Hi Frank

I’ve heard wonderful things about you. I am a friend of Mary Kate”s. Could you please pray for me. I’m currently applying for disability having suffered serious health issues. I am beyond stressed at the thought of not getting approved. If you could pray for me I’d greatly appreciate it. I am happy to forward a donation. Thank you.

John Markjam - Feb 8, 2018

Dearest Frank,

I had the most wonderful opportunity to meet with you, and have you pray directly for me, with your arms on me, last September in Wilton, CT. I write this to you as I sit in an elegant hotel room in Rome, a trip I made to ensure a visit to Vatican City. I was at a point in my life when I saw no future, as my business was slowly, then quickly, dying. I had been talking to a few possible buyers, creating one specific purchase plan but in utter dismay; it was not going anywhere. You knew nothing of these specifics of course and only said to me "John, that plan you have been working on - it's all going to work out!" I was dumbfounded yet accepted your comment with complete and full faith, never waivering and calling up your photo everyday, printing some and taking them with me in my car and into churches. I lit candles for you and still pray for you every day.

I sold my business before the end of 2017. It was the deal you indicated as the plan that would work out. I am forever grateful to you and hold you in the highest honor of all I have ever met in my life. You are a true angel, no doubt a saint. God Bless You and thank you for all the grace you bring into the wold.

Thank you Frank Kelly - Feb 3, 2018

My name is Yolanda Ortiz. I had the opportunity to take my friend Debbie so you could pray for her. I am humbly asking for intercession prayers for my sister in Christ named Debbie Terzian. She is a wonderful friend, mother, daughter that needs a miclacle. She is suffering from a debilitating rare brain decease. She has spent almost 30 years of her life working with foster children giving them a safe home. She has touched a lot of people heart with her compassion and humility. Now she needs all the help and strength to battle this illness. I am praying to God and all the Saints to have mercy on her and heal her from head to toe. She has a son whom she raised on her own while working two jobs and helping her mother and aunts. If you can put Debbie in your prayer I really appreciate it. I realize that you are busy but if you can meet with her and pray over her would mean the world for me. I am not giving up on her. I have surrender her to our Lord Jesus and all the Saints. My tel. number is 339-369-3063. Hope and praying to hear from you Frank Kelly.....May God keep on Blessing you so you can Bless the people that are touched by you.....

Dyann in New Mexico - Sep 22, 2016

Mr. Kelly, Immediately upon reading your request for prayers to St. Luke, Bishop Sheehan Gemma Galbani and Nelson Baker, I prayed ardently first and foremost to Our Lord Jesus Christ, and then to
each of the above. As always, I ask this be done according to the Will of Our Lord. May God bless you for the sacrifices you have given and for answering His call to serve His people as a "conduit" for healing from Him. Some day I hope to visit the Shrine of Divine Mercy and also meet you. All Glory Be to God!!

Rick - Jul 18, 2016

Hello Frank,

Just thinking about you. God Bless You. My family and I hope you are well. We appreciate your thoughts, words and prayers.

Your friend,

Trish Godson - Aug 20, 2015

You are such a blessing! I was blessed to have met you over 6 times in the last 6 years. The healing masses are wonderful. Thank you for coming to WNY! We all love you so much.

Susan R - Nov 30, 2013

With God all things are possible including miracles such as this one. You are truly blessed Mr Kelly.

Woman from Phoenix, AZ - Nov 23, 2013

Dear sir, I just discovered this story about you tonight. I will keep you in prayer, and ask for your requests in prayer tonight, may a God heal you, and continue to pour oceans of His Love,
Mercy and Blessings upon you and all those who you pray for healings, graces, blessings. Love and prayers!

Norma - Nov 21, 2013

I will pray for Mr. Frank Kelly's recovery. This world needs much healing and he can help so much all in the name of the Lord. Thank you, Mr. Kelly. I will pray for the intercession of St. Luke, Bishop Sheehan, Gemma Galbani, and Nelson Baker. Get well soon!

Diane - Nov 19, 2013

I don't have words to adequately say how grateful I am for Frank Kelly and his ministry. He brought me such peace of mind and heart while I was going through some extremely trying times. Little by little, thru the saints he gave me to pray to, I was healed! God speaks to us through Frank and directs us to ask for the saints intercession . This is powerful stuff! My daughters are grateful to Frank as well! He helped them so very much! Yes, yes, I know it was God thru Frank, but Frank laid down his life to do God's will so we would/could benefit by that. I want to say Thank You, Frank, for your sacrifice and your tremendously beautiful ministry! Count on my prayers, friend!!! Let us all pray hard for Frank. He's been there for us, lets now be there for him with ardent prayers to the Father and those saints he requested us to pray to. God bless Frank and heal him so very quickly and give him peace! Love you Mr Frank Kelly!! You are great!!

Carol Lyon - Nov 17, 2013

Let us all pray for Mr. Kelly, that he be healed to continue Our Lord's work if it be the holy Will of God. God is good!!



Mary - Oct 30, 2013

God bless The Marian's and all priests.
God bless you Mr. Kelly.
I have been searching for a healer,( from God) such as you so hope to meet you in the near future.
Visiting this Marian site has brought me many blessings.
Praised be Jesus and Mary, forever. Amen

Mary - Oct 30, 2013

God bless The Marian's and all priests.
God bless you Mr. Kelly.
I have been searching for a healer,( from God) such as you so hope to meet you in the near future.
Visiting this Marian site has brought me many blessings.
Praised be Jesus and Mary, forever. Amen

Albania - Oct 30, 2013

This is totally amazing. I have the Divine Mercy Image on my refrigerator door for years. Tonight I got it on my hand and kiss him, when I turn it around I saw this website and immediately decided look for one of the canvas, but I found is a gift of God since I was looking for someone like him for years.
God bless you Mr. Kelly and your wonderful gift.

MARIA C. - Oct 30, 2013

GOD BLESS YOUR MINISTRY ....... Hope to see and meet you someday when I visit the Shrine.