Photo: Courtesy Saint Luke Productions

Maria Vargo, the actress portraying Sr. Faustina, shown in rehearsal with the director, playwright, and actress Patti Defilippis

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Photo: Courtesy Saint Luke Productions

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Maria Vargo as our beloved Faustina, Christ's "secretary" of Divine Mercy.

By Felix Carroll (Sep 26, 2013)
The long-awaited live drama, Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy, produced by Saint Luke Productions, debuts in St. Benedict, Ore., on Oct. 5, the feast day of St. Faustina. The show, which will travel the country, is certain to open many hearts to the transforming power of God's merciful love. We recently caught up with the Hollywood-based actress playing St. Faustina, Maria Vargo, to discuss what she calls "the role of a lifetime."

Part of your preparation for the role was to spend five days living in community with St. Faustina's order, the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy, in Dorchester, Mass. In what ways did that experience help you prepare for the role?

It gave me the unique opportunity to immerse myself in the daily routine in the life of a nun in the same order of St. Faustina. The days spent at the convent gave me quiet time to pray, read, and reflect on the life of Sr. Faustina, to experience the daily work right alongside the sisters, to read the order's constitution and rules, and even witness the sisters recommit themselves daily to their vows. I was so grateful to truly focus on Jesus during those days. It was a beautiful experience. The sisters were so kind and gracious to me, and they exuded the quality of mercy they are called to show daily toward others. All this gave me insight into the character and life of the beloved nun.

What others ways have you prepared for the role?

The primary preparation for this role has been spiritual by focusing on deepening my prayer life and reading the Diary of St. Faustina. Praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy has taken on a much deeper meaning for me now. In some ways, I feel as though I've been preparing for this drama my whole life; it's as if my joining up with Saint Luke Productions and performing the role of Sr. Faustina was designed by God all along. I'm obviously not a saint, and I've experienced Divine Mercy in my own life through a deep conversion several years ago. And now, almost unbelievably to me at times, here I am, preparing to share that message of mercy in a face-to-face encounter with audiences.

I imagine that playing any character taps into something inside your heart or mind in ways that forever changes you. How has this been the case with your role as St. Faustina?

Yes. First of all, there is a deep responsibility that comes with this role, unlike anything I've experienced in my acting career. I can't just "play the saint, proclaim the message, and then just leave the role at the stage door." I am being called to live this message out, too. Frankly, I am not sure about the kind of acting work I will want to do after this experience. This decision will not be just about acting for me when looking ahead. Like Sr. Faustina, having the humility to obediently surrender to the will of our Lord for my future will be key.

How did it feel when you first dressed up in a habit? That had to be kind of strange.

Actually, I felt very humbled to wear the habit for the first time. I was honored. It was so touching because Sr. Donata Farbaniec, the Sister Superior, gave me step-by-step instructions when I initially put on the habit, and I was transformed into a nun! And I never once forgot that it was a real habit. It was for me far more than a costume for an actress.

I imagine you have poured through available photos of Faustina. I'm curious if there's something you see in those photos that's helpful to you in your role.

Although there are not many photos of Sr. Faustina, I have studied them. There is one image to which I have been drawn in particular, in which I see something interesting. In this image, one may think that she portrays a stern face and appears remote or austere, but I see a smile behind the image — almost as if she were about to laugh. In fact, I read recently that eyewitnesses who lived in her day, attest to the fact that she was indeed a person with a happy and delightful personality. We know as well that she liked to tell stories and entertain people. I hope that audiences see that enjoyable, personable side of Sr. Faustina in the production.

What's the most challenging aspect of taking on this role?

Trusting. Like most people, I find it a daily challenge to trust in our Lord. I have a significant task ahead of me with traveling and performing all over the country with a demanding schedule. Faustina was certainly no stranger to struggles and weakness, and I hope to unite my obedience to God's will for my life through this role, with her sense of obedience to Jesus in the midst of her struggles. Also, this drama has something in it that everyone can relate to, and it's going to be my job to help make that real to those who attend the performances.

How has this project helped you in your own spiritual journey?

The message of Divine Mercy has helped me to want to surrender to God's will and to seek freedom from my own desires. In this way, I feel I am being strengthened to go beyond myself and spread this message of mercy, forgiveness, and healing to others through this inspiring production. Surely this will bolster my journey of faith in ways I have not yet imagined. I have the opportunity right at this moment in history to respond [through the persona of St. Faustina] to Jesus' request that this message be spread throughout the world.

To book Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy in your area, contact Saint Luke Productions at 1-360-687-8029 or e-mail For more information, including the show schedule, visit

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Faustina follower - Sep 18, 2014

The main concern that I had, about what I thought might confuse some people (especially if they have not yet read the Diary of Sr. Faustina or read about her bio) is that it may need to be just very briefly clarified that the dual roles of this same actress are different girls entirely -- that the story told by the girl in regular clothes is NOT the life story of Sr. Faustina before she entered the convent. Nun-theless :) I think it's a powerful testimony, which Sr. Faustina would care about very much (she even suffered stomach pains on their behalf:

My favorite parts of the play were:
~the part where she crochets for souls and Jesus responds generously to her begging to grant graces through this
~the misty purgatory imagery

If anything were to be improvised in later stage productions for this story, I'd hope for some more imagery of Our Lady's apparitions to Sr. Faustina (she's not often referred to as a seer of apparitions, but she actually had many visions of and messages from Our Lady!:) Plus, her beautiful poems would be a lovely thing to recite on stage. I think a perfect script-guide would be Fr. Don Calloway's book, "PUREST OF ALL LILIES: the Virgin Mary in the Spirituality of St. Faustina"...

In conclusion, I want to say I LOVE the Divine Mercy image sooo much...our Merciful Savior's precious body bruised for our offenses and crucified for our sins -- he suffered so much -- this is the greatest romance, but it is in a spiritual sense that we our in love with Jesus

Fr. Angelo Casimiro, MIC - Oct 2, 2013

Some people think this is going to be a film but it's not. It's a stage production, meaning a play, and maybe one day St. Luke Productions will record the play and make it available on DVD actually create a theatrical film, like they did with "Therese," which I think also started out as a stage production. Anyway, I hope to also be able to personally attend this stage production on St. Faustina one day.

Peter - Oct 2, 2013

Am anxious to see the film. Thanks to the Holy Spirit for choosing such these professionals to expand the message

Lori - Sep 26, 2013

This is truly wonderful! Thanks be to God for raising up Saint Faustina to bring us all to the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus through His Divine Mercy.

Dear Felix - Sep 26, 2013

St. Faustina has been a pillar in my faith
to pray for poor souls in purgatory. God Bless you and Maria for aiding to spead the Divine Mercy of Jesus! I hope the movie will be available to purchase on CD.

Dcn. Bob - Sep 26, 2013

Great article Felix! Can't wait to see this. Sr. Faustina (aka) Maria Vargo is a great professional actress and offers wonderful and humble expressions of her roll.
Many Thanks for both of you for sharing this! By Maria going to the Sisters in Dorchester she saw first hand why we call ourselves - Boston Strong!