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Who Was St. Dymphna?

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Her father was a scoundrel, but she sure showed him! Listen in as Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC, shares stories about one of his favorite saints: St. Dymphna.

Her feast day is May 15.

She is a patron of those suffering from nervous and mental afflictions.

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Kathleen - Apr 13, 2021

A friend voiced a prayer request for all the shootings and other crimes surfacing in the name of mental illness from COVID experiences (isolation, loss of loved ones and financial loss etc).... I googled a proper prayer for mental illness and came across Saint Dymphna and her story.... I feel blessed to learn of her and shared the prayer of Saint Dymphna /\ +

marie - May 11, 2020

Persevere in praying with trust the divine mercy prayer and more than one rosary a day and confidently ask God for help, healing and abandon all to Jesus.

marg - Apr 11, 2020

I have 3 children. The eldest has extreme anxiety and depression. The second has major depressive disorder. And the third has down syndrome. As caregivers, my husband and I are overwhelmed and concerned about our health. We have been praying to St Dymphna and ask here for the MIC's and her intercession for their healing.

Marilu - Feb 18, 2020

I have seen miracles in my life and know that they can happen through intervention of prayers. My daughter Samantha suffers from major depressive disorder and mood disorder and psychosis. I want to take her to visit St. Dymphnas tomb I just know that St. Dymphna can cure her and request prayers

guy - Aug 18, 2019

thank you for this video this help me to understand this st Dymphna .St Jude sent me in the mail all prayers with some saints and she was one of them.

Barb M - Aug 9, 2019

I'm a Protestant Christian and usually attend a Methodist Church, though I want raised Methodist.

As a Protestant I want taught much about the Saints...I have heard of some.

In the past few years I found out about Saint Dymphna. Her story has touched my heart and I feel a strong connection to her. I have been affected with mental illness. I have Major Depressive Disorder and Anxiety.

I would like to know more about her and how I can ask the Lord to allow her to help me? I know this is unusual for a non Catholic... but I am sincerely touched and have a genuine desire to learn.

I have no one to ask in my church because well we don't do that type of stuff in our worship services or practices. I believe I am being lead to find out more about her and if there is a way, then she can help. I've never felt like this before and I'm taking a leave of faith.

Thank you for you're help.

Barb M

I'm glad I found this site.

Patty - Feb 14, 2019

For my son, suffering from anxiety and anger management.

Benjie - Feb 4, 2019

Please pray for benjie who suffer from anxiety and mental illness he need help and pray...thank you

Grandma O. - Jan 27, 2019

Please pray for my granddaughter Cassidy who suffers from anxiety and mental illness. She need help and prayers. Thanks.

Ximena Cifuentes - Nov 8, 2015

Gorgeous website with any and ALL information in regards to our Blessed Mama Mary!!

Richard - Oct 30, 2015

Please pray for my Family St. Dymphna! This is the Website for her National shrine here in the United States.