Who Was St. Jude?

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Saint Jude, whose feast day is Oct. 28, was one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus. He is known as the patron saint of lost causes. He reminds us that all things are possible in God.

Father Dan Cambra explains:

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god is good - Mar 1, 2021

thank you so much

Carol Madsen-Hopkins - Oct 28, 2017

Thank you Fr.Dan so much for this video and all I now know about St.Jude.

blessing - Oct 28, 2017

Thanks father Dan for the wonderful information since I became aware of st Jude the saint of the impossible have always said his prayer and that of my prayer request for intervention on my petition.

Lou J Apa - Oct 28, 2017

Thank you for this most beautiful recounting of Saint Jude. God bless you, Father Dan, and your ministry. PRAISE BE JESUS.....Amen!

Susan - Jun 30, 2016

Father, thank you so much. I never new all the info on St Jude that you talked about. I love to pray to Start Jude. His intercession has helped me many times in my life. Thanks for the Blessings of this video.

Gloria - Nov 10, 2015

St. Jude has always been there for me on the many roads I have traveled over many years. When I thought it was impossible, St.Jude made it possible. Thank you, Father,for sharing your beautiful description..Blessings

Sonia Lemke - Nov 2, 2015

That was so interesting! St. Jude has helped me very much this past year and I am so glad to learn more about him. Thank you Father Dan.

Judy Kallmeyer - Oct 31, 2015

Dear Fr. Dan,

Thank you for the most comprehensive information on St. Jude that I have seen. He is my patron, so I glad to have more information on him now. My parents had a baby girl nine years before my birth. She died at 19 months of age of double pneumonia. Since the time between her death and my conception was so long, Mom and Dad prayed to St. Jude and promised him that if they had another girl, they would name her after him. Their petition and I came into this world on January 10, 1945. I was named Judeth to fulfill the promise made to St. Jude. Some of my cousins call me Jude and I love it. All thanks to St. Jude for his intercession in bringing me into the world!

Judy Kallmeyer

Jennifer - Oct 29, 2015

Thanks Father for the wonderful insight. I truly believe in d miraculous powers bestowed on St.Jude. May he continue to bless all those who implore his aid, in difficult cases.

Maria Helena - Oct 28, 2015

Thank you Father Dan for the beautiful
description of St Jude...Blessings