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Who Was St. Philip Neri?

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Listen in as Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC, shares about one of the great saints to bear witness to the importance of loving God, first and foremost:

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PSurf - Aug 4, 2015

I haven't seen a new post in several weeks; has the series concluded?

john - Jul 28, 2015

please ask for prayers for the departed

PSurf - Jun 13, 2015

I also love this series. I am learning much about these wonderful Saints, and it is all quite inspiring. Thank you!

If I could make one suggestion, though, it would be to either number or date each entry as it is posted. That way, it would be easier to know which video(s) are new since the last time I stopped by. It does not appear that the videos are necessarily listed in the order in which they were posted - but maybe that's just me.

Thanks, and God Bless!

Amy M - Jun 2, 2014

Always enjoy listening to you talk about the Saints! It is so fascinating to hear their stories. Thank you Fr. Dan!