Why Padre Pio?

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We celebrate his feast day on Sept. 23. Padre Pio (1887–1968) — the Italian friar, priest, stigmatist, and mystic — is one of the most famous of our 20th-century saints. We can chalk that up to his stigmata — the wounds of Christ visible on his hands, feet, and side.

But why Padre Pio? And what does his stigmata mean for us? Also, you may be surprised to learn where the majority of people came from who came to visit him in San Giovanni Rotondo.

Listen in to Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC:

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Elizabeth - Sep 26, 2017

St. Padre Pio: intercede for us for world peace. {ray for us for peace here in the USA and abroad.Pray for our priest to be strong because they gave up everything to serve the Lord and to shepherd the flock - not only our priests but all the catholic clergy and the women in the religious life. Pray for our seminarians and those who are about to be ordained into the Priesthood. Pray for families. Now the breakdown of the family is having a ripple effect on society. All the problems we see going on in the streets 0 the caos, the riots, are the after- effects of dysfunctional homes. We are living in an age during which there is a demand for the redefinition of TRUTH. This is absurd that is where we are now. There is no objective truth nowaways - but relativism.
St. Padre Piom you loved our Blessed Mother very much during your earthly life and trusted in her intercession. You are now with her in Heaven. Please make petition to her to intercede for us to God to open the eyes of the blind so they can see TRUTH clearly and come to repentance. Pray for the victims of the recent hurricanes and earthquake that has hit our continent.
Thanks Father for this article on St. Padre Pio.

cherry - Sep 24, 2017

padre pio.please pray for my mother may she be healed with her cest in her kidney and liver, my brother is taking care of my mother and he cant afford medical treatment neither do i. my mom just pray and take herbal goose grass may the lord bless it and heal my mom. And padre pio please help my hubby he may have consistent job, we want to pay our debts and we still support our 6kids in school. thank you padre pio and pray for world peace and conversion of all sinners.Amen

leomario - Sep 23, 2017

Eya Okwudili Leo praying for the intercession of padre Pio on his studies and finances

J - Sep 23, 2017

On this day 5 years ago my Father passed away on Padre Pio Feast Day. I pray to you Padre Pio to please protect and watch over my family especially my sisters, their husbands and their beautiful children, myself and elderly Mother. Please Help Us

Martha - Jun 14, 2017

I have recently read many books about Padre Pio. I am more than curious to know why Mary Pyle said that the world would be surprised to know who Padre Pio really is. What did she mean by that? Who was he, really? Padre Pio was in constant pain. He wanted it that way. He disdained the crowds who pushed and shoved their way toward him. They were mostly cruel in selfishly wanting to get near to him. He stated that he'd be more help from heaven. Padre Pio, bless you.

joy - Apr 24, 2017

Dear Padre Pio,
Please help me carry all the problems I am experiencing now with my work. I am asking for your Divine Intervention for I know that in you I could have a peace of mind. I am begging for your intercession, let the truth prevail.
in Jesus name!

Cecille - Apr 23, 2017

Thank you Padre Pio for hearing my cry for help, for assuring me when I'm in doubt, for interceding and praying for me, for taking care of me, for adopting me as your spiritual daughter. Pls make sure that you will be welcoming me in the gates of heaven when my days here on earth is over.

Arlene - Apr 23, 2017

Thank you for your segment on Padre Pio!
Also, thank you for your "Fiat" to Christ.
Enjoy your presentations. Please pray for our family... many needs. Thank you!

Pam - Sep 24, 2016

Dear St. Padre Pio,
I am seeking and knocking, hoping for your divine intercession in our family. Praying a special intercession for our son Ryan, in his marriage. Also praying my son Ron who in need of a full time job in law enforcement. Please keep my sons close to you and St. Michael. Please I'm begging for your intercession. St. Padre Pio pray for our family and the whole world.

Padre Pio - Sep 25, 2014

Saint Padre Pio pray for us . Amen