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'How Do You Bring Up the Subject of Death?'

Father Andy Davy, MIC, offers tips on teaching children to care for those who cannot help themselves.

You Are a Priest Forever

He suffered a stroke a few years ago. Since then he has worked hard to be able to do the two most important things he wants to do.

He's Been There and Back with Tales to Tell

Father Stanislaus was responding to the times in which he lived.

Is There Something You're Not Remembering?

For All Souls' Day, let's take our cue from our brothers and sisters around the world.

Question: What's God's Gift for All Christians?

Dr. Robert Stackpole explains how he overcame his greatest stumbling block to entering the Catholic Church.

A Family Affair

Marians and their families all have a stake in the consecrated life.

'Our Moral Obligation'

"In my whole life, I have only heard one homily focused on the environment," said Fr. Chris Alar, MIC.

Brother Fred Wells, MIC

"When people tell me, "I'd like to have a hat like that," I take it off my head and give it to them. I've got four or five in my closet."

Perpetually Professed!

The next step in Christ's mission for Br. Joe Lappe, MIC, commenced on Aug. 16, at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy.

'He's on a Mission from God'

Father Allen Alexander, MIC, was ordained a priest this weekend! We have the story. We have the videos. We have the photos.

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