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The Family in Crisis

The Church begins a yearlong discussion on family matters.

Let's Iron Some Things Out

So, are you following the "greatest commandment" perfectly?

Our Duty of Mercy

Why we should remember in our prayers the Holy Souls, especially during November.

A Mission to Native Americans

When treaties were not honored between whites and Native Americans during the Europeans' westward expansion, it was the whites reneging, not the natives.

What We Need to Know

Father Jim McCormack, MIC, the novice master for the Marians in the United States, gives a series of talks on Divine Mercy.

A Life of Love

Deacon Thaddaeus shares about his formation and sends a message to everyone who supported him along the way.

Fr. Joseph, MIC, Likes It!

Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy "brought the Diary to life."

Jesus Poses the Toughest of Challenges

Did you happen to catch 9/11's Gospel reading? The Holy Spirit is at work.

One Hundred Years of Gratitude

It was in August 1913 that the Marians established a permanent presence in the United States. What a time it has been!

Three Men Profess First Vows

Welcome, to the Marians, Brothers Sean, Charley, and Matthew!

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