Come to Mercy Lenten Series

Feast of Mercy

DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY — God offers an extravagance of graces!

The Same

APRIL 18 — The Risen Lord is the same Lord you meet in the Sacraments.

Strangely Familiar

APRIL 17 — The disciples recognize Jesus in everyday events.

The Word

APRIL 16 — Jesus can open our minds, as He did for the disciples from Emmaus.


APRIL 15 — It wasn't Jesus' disappearance that astounded the two men in Emmaus.

Between the Lines

APRIL 14 — We can tell Mary Magdalene's feelings by her actions.

Fake News

APRIL 13 — Offenses against the truth are infidelities to God.

Alleluia, Alleluia!

EASTER SUNDAY — Rejoice! Jesus' Resurrection confirms the truth of His divinity and His promises.

The Plan

HOLY SATURDAY — Our churches start out dark, and the tabernacle is empty ...

Great Mercy

GOOD FRIDAY — Console the Heart of Jesus and receive special graces.


HOLY THURSDAY — Jesus demonstrates how to fulfill His new command.


APRIL 8 — How does "Spy Wednesday" fit into God's plan?


APRIL 7 — Imagine the pain of spurned love.

Ulterior Motives

APRIL 6 — The fragrance of expensive oils fills the house. Why does Judas care?


APRIL 5 — Palm Sunday: Meet the just, gentle, and humble ruler.

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